Spanish Incomes tax returns 2018: key dates

25|03|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

To pay taxes is necessary to finance public services,  to begin new public policies and to help the most vulnerable citizens'.

Everything you should know about residence regulation in Spain

18|03|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

When you arrive to a new country usually you don't know how residence right is regulated. Therefore, we must fight…

To save: water, gas and electric light can be easy peasy!

01|03|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

Oxford Dictionary definition to save is: 'to preserve something by not expending or using it'. We are about to give you recomendations…

In Finques we are especially cheerful. Find out why

25|02|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

We have just obtained the quality certification International Standarization Organization 9001 (in order to abreviate: 'ISO 9001')…

Why will be useful Artificial Inteligence and the Internet of things in home?

11|02|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

In 1997 IBM’s computer “Deep Blue” won Garry Kasparov for 3,5 to 2,5 in a six games serie.  Since then, the superiority of the human…

House occupation is a crime in Spain: you must be protected

06|02|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

The ‘Great Recession’ in 2008 caused an earthquake in Spanish economy with an unemployment which had increased to a maximum of 26%. In…

How to prepare the perfect visit to sell your home?

25|01|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

This article is dedicated to advice you about how to sell your home a good visit is the first step towards your goal. Bare in mind: you…

Finques Feliu is attending right now to Inmòscopia a Real Estate exhibition in Barcelona

18|01|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

 Finques Feliu is attending today 18th of January to the Hall Inmoscòpia which is celebrated in Barcelona from 9:00AM to 14:00PM. Our…